Home Uses for Recycled Metal

Recycling metal keeps those pieces out of landfills, and reduces the damage done to the environment when raw or virgin materials are harvested for new pieces. Metal that has already been processed in some way can also be easier to fabricate and use in new applications, requiring less heat and producing fewer fumes and emissions. You might want to use recycled metal for home projects, to save money on the cost of new metal and to also help keep those metals out of landfills. Read More 

Can You Really Make Money Selling Scrap Metal? Points to Consider

If you've got an old washing machine or something else made of metal that you want to get rid of, calling a scrap metal yard is a great option. However, some people don't just turn to scrap metal recyclers when the need to get rid of something. Instead, they want to earn money selling scrap metal. Wondering if you can earn money with scrap metal? Here's what you need to know. Read More 

Advantages of Choosing Plastic Pallets Over Their Wooden Counterparts

Whether it's storing your items or securing them for easy movement during transportation, pallets are excellent freight packaging options to consider. However, it is highly significant that you start by choosing the correct type of pallet for your transportation needs. Plastic and wood are the chief options when it comes to pallets. While wooden pallets have traditionally been the most preferred option, plastic pallets have become increasingly popular amongst many users. Read More