Home Uses for Recycled Metal

Recycling metal keeps those pieces out of landfills, and reduces the damage done to the environment when raw or virgin materials are harvested for new pieces. Metal that has already been processed in some way can also be easier to fabricate and use in new applications, requiring less heat and producing fewer fumes and emissions. You might want to use recycled metal for home projects, to save money on the cost of new metal and to also help keep those metals out of landfills. Note a few home uses for recycled metal so you know to shop at a recycling center for the pieces you need if you decide to tackle any of these projects on your own.

In the kitchen

Stainless steel is a good choice for kitchen benchtops, as it's very durable, and a poor host to germs and bacteria. Steel can also be shaped to right over your kitchen's current benchtop, and then attached with rivets or screws. A metal cutting shop can often cut the length of steel you need for your home's benchtops or splashbacks, if you don't have the proper tools for this cutting.

Another way to add a metallic element to your kitchen is to attach metal panels to the front of cabinet doors. Use construction adhesive for the metal panels, and then add wood trim around this, also with construction adhesive, to hide the edges. Your cabinets and cupboards will look very modern and sleek.


Metal panels can be a great option when you don't want the look or maintenance of a wood fence. Since aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, it can be a good choice for metal fencing. Use metal with wood posts to break up the look if you're worried about using too much metal, or you might have your recycled metal pieces stamped by a metal fabricator, who can cut out certain designs and patterns for a very unique fence. A metal fabricator can also stamp out a mesh pattern that breaks up the look of the metal and allows for more light and air circulation around your property.


When creating accessories for the home, consider how recycled metal can be a good choice. Recycled metal pipes can be attached to walls for towel bars, or you can attach four of them to a wood piece to create a coffee table or side table. Recycled pipes can be used as stair railings, or you might have metal punched and stamped for unique artwork you display inside or outside the home.