Food Waste Recycling Methods for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you may be joining the movement of other restaurants in going green. The misconception is that going green means reducing the plastics you use in your restaurant, using options that are biodegradable and using locally sourced foods. Though these are part of the going green movement, they are not the only aspects that can affect your restaurant. Food waste recycling is also an increasingly popular option with several methods available. Here are a few of those methods and what you need to know about each one.

On-Site Food Shredding

Food shredding is something that you may not be familiar with. Food shredding is an option that many waste disposal services, that offer food waste recycling. The shredding process is very similar to the paper shredding. The waste service will take your organic waste, which sometimes includes coffee and tea filters, and runs them through a shedding device.

This is to break down the organic waste quickly and make it suitable for immediate use in compost piles. It makes the decomposition of the food waste move faster and allows the food to blend into composting easily. The on-site option gives you a shredder to use daily, or several times a day, so the waste company picks up the shredded waste and takes it to the composting plant.

Bone and Shell Crushing

One of the issues you may have with food waste recycling comes in with the bones and shells from different foods. These are hard to breakdown, and you may not know what to do with them exactly. A waste company that specialises in food waste can offer several options. One of the options is to offer a recycling bin that is designated for bones and shells from fish and other items. This waste can also include hard to grind items like avocado pits and peach pits. The bin is taken off by the water removal company, and the bones and shells are ground to a fine powder and recycled in several ways including into fertilizers.

Dairy Recycling

Dairy can be a tricky item to add to your food waste recycling endeavors. For this reason, many waste companies offer ways to dispose of these items easily without contaminating your restaurant from soured dairy. The dairy waste is generally placed into a special container that is kept in refrigeration. The container is then hauled off by the waste removal company to be disposed of safely and without causing contamination or illness to spread from the rotting dairy waste.

If any of these food waste recycling methods sound ideal for your restaurant, contact your local recycling and waste removal contractor. They can help with on-site food recycling methods and with removal options that would work for your business. They can also help pricing and questions you have.